We are so proud to be able to say that due to the generosity of our parent/guardian community, our PTO has been able to generate funding that supports our school’s objective to continue to be an A+ school in education and provide enrichment opportunities.  In the last couple of years, the PTO has been able to fund the amphitheater at school for an outdoor place for learning and creative arts, maintenance and replacement of smart boards in the classrooms, STEM equipment in the science room, reading and writing workshop, curriculum and implementation, Club support for Robotics, Odyssey of the Minds and more.  The PTO budget is available in the front office of the school for those interested.

We understand that parents are busy and seeing fundraiser after fundraiser can be overwhelming.  We have a variety of fundraisers to reach the broadest possible audience.  Fundraisers are important because we have a large school and our annual funding from federal and state taxes fall short. Some of the fundraisers, like Boosterthon, are traditional and beloved by many at the school.  Others, like Art-by-Me provide a way to bring student art home in a usable form.  If you wish to bypass the fundraising programs and donate to the Annual Fund (Bridging the Gap), 100% of your contribution will go directly to the school.  You can donate here

Thank you for your support!


Our annual fund campaign runs from September through November, but donations are accepted throughout the year. We ask families to contribute financially to WHE to help bridge the gap from the state funding.  Any amount is helpful and this money goes into a general fund to fulfill requests for funding from school administration and teachers.  Donations are accepted all year.


Boosterthon is our most profitable annual fundraiser and is planned for March.  It is a fun fitness event and interactive character program that actively engages the children and teachers. The program typically runs 9-10 days culminating with a celebration and fitness run.  During the program, Boosterthon encourages a “friends and family” collection/donation requesting WHE students to reach out to grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. to help our school.  However, your child is included with or without a donation.


It’s so easy…collect box tops and provide them to the school during our two annual collections – November and March.  In 2017, we collected over $2,400 in box tops for the school.  The school administration created a centralized supply closet where teachers can easily replenish their classrooms with consumable items (pens, paper, post-its, highlighters, etc.).  Our box top money will go to replenishing the closet.  Please collect and have family members collect, especially now that it is even easier with the box tops for education app for your smart phone.  If you have box tops to bring to the school outside of our November and March collection dates, please bring them to the front office and put them in the box on the PTO shelf!  For a list of manufacturers/products that provide box tops check out this link.

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