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A portion of our PTO budget funds staff appreciation activities and we love to show appreciation to our amazing WHES staff!  Throughout the school year, we will offer various meals and treats each month to show appreciation to all staff members at our school. Events include grab and go meals, snack and treat carts, full luncheons and much more! We also have a full week of events planned in May for national teacher appreciation week. We occasionally reach out for volunteers or small donations to help with our bigger events. 


Thank you for all you do for our school to make it possible for us to show appreciation to our amazing staff throughout the year!

Staff Appreciation: Projects


Things You Can Do

You may want to show your student's teacher or other staff members appreciation individually throughout the year.  PTO will share a list of staff favorites and info after it is collected at the beginning of the school year.

2023-2024 Staff Favorites List

Staff Appreciation: About
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